Raúl Ballesteros at Spanish Open 2004




Iván Ballesteros got his professional golf and coaching license in year 2000. 

Since 2013 Ivan is working for EG(A)L, a sport management agency in Hong Kong, specialized in event management, sponsorship, services for professional sportsmen and women, and integrated sport marketing programmes.


Iván Ballesteros (Spain) has been linked to the golf world business for over 20 years.

​Involved in the Ballesteros group of companies since 1996.​ In 2004 he became personal assistant and manager of the legendary golf player Mr. Seve Ballesteros. ​He started working in Amen Corner in 1999 and became CEO in 2003 up until January 2013. During this time he was responsible of running over 35 international golf tournaments in different regions in Europe and Asia, including The Seve Trophy and The Royal Trophy. Through these events the company brought over 40 million Euros in price money to European Tour players. 


Iván was also involved in several golf course design projects from 2003 to 2010 (Seve Ballesteros last design in Thailand). 


First Executive Vice-president and one of the founder Patrons of the Seve Ballesteros Foundation until January 2013, he was in charge of setting up this organization since its presentation in 2009.


Raul Ballesteros (Spain) Spanish National Champion in 93, 94 and 95. Turned pro in 1999 at the age of 18. Winner in the Spanish National Tour in 2003 and former European and Challenge Tour Player (2001 to 2006). 

Seve & Ivan Ballesteros at US MASTERS 2007

December 2013

Ivan Ballesteros at the opening ceremony of the 7th edition of The Royal Trophy in Guangzhou, China. 

2010 - present

2010 - present